Flying tips

  • Tap flight direction controls while familiarizing yourself with flight control.
  • Controls will be more sensitive when flown in Outdoor Mode.
  • C‑me Camera may drift. This can be adjusted by tapping the Incremental Fine Tune buttons. incremental fine tune buttons and the direction controls on the app screen
  • Use the Find Me button to reorient the camera so it points toward you.
  • find me button on the lower right of the app screen
  • To center your subject as desired, swipe the screen between the Altitude Slider and Directional Control.
  • finger swiping the app screen
  • Keep an eye on your battery level. C‑me Camera will automatically land when the battery drops to 10% power.
  • battery life icon on the lower right of the app screen
  • C‑me may automatically land if it detects it is near the ground.

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